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Hi Friends! Iā€™m CJ, a web developer and entrepreneur based in Bedford, NH. I teach web development fundamentals and help devs integrate Stripe.

Streamlining global ingress with ngrok

In this episode, we're joined by Alan Shreve, the founder and CEO of ngrok, to discuss the future of software development and the emergence of innovative tools that simplify complex tasks -- like ingress. We talk about ngrok's solid approach to error handling, which enhances troubleshooting and user experience by assigning unique codes to each error. The conversation also delves into the evolution of ngrok, an "ingress as a service" platform designed to streamline the setup of web application infrastructure by abstracting complexities of networking, thereby reducing your workload.We address the challenges in distributed systems and the importance of automating processes, focusing on the role of tools like Heroku, Vercel, and CloudFlare in managing infrastructure and security. We explore the concept of edge computing and globally distributed applications, envisioning two potential futures - one with advanced storage layers handling global distribution and another where applications can split between the origin and the global edge.The discussion also highlights the shift in the industry away from tasks like memory management and assembly language and the rise of cloud-based tools, which lowers the barrier to entry for new developers. Despite the potential pitfalls of abstraction, like the reduced need for developers to tinker and learn, we see this as a positive development. We wrap by emphasizing the end goal of software development - delivering a product that serves the customer's needs, facilitated by tools that simplify and standardize the development process.Resources:ngrok: ingress as a service - https://ngrok.comIntroducing ngrok-go - https://ngrok.com/blog-post/ngrok-gongrok-go library - https://github.com/ngrok/ngrok-goIntroducing ngrok-rs - https://ngrok.com/blog-post/ngrok-rsVim plugin for GitHub CoPilot - https://github.com/github/copilot.vimStripe's Embeddable Payment Components - https://stripe.com/docs/payments/payment-element

Stripe Connect onboarding with Ruby on Rails

In this article, we learned how to integrate Stripe Connect onboarding with Ruby on Rails for a newsletter platform use case. We set up the necessary database models for representing authors, newsletters, their issues, and reader subscriptions. We also set up Stripe authentication, installed the Stripe Ruby SDK, and added the necessary code to create a Stripe Express account for authors. We also set up webhooks to listen for account updates and handle them to update the author's flags for whether charges and payouts are enabled. Finally, we tested the integration by going through the onboarding flow using test details and verified that the Stripe account is created successfully with the necessary flags enabled.

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