Web developer, YouTuber, and developer advocate.

Hi Friends! I’m CJ, a web developer and entrepreneur based in Bedford, NH. I teach web development fundamentals and help devs integrate Stripe.

How I start Django apps in 2022

This is mostly a note to self about the steps for setting up a fully operational django application with tailwind, authentication, and payments. ## Scaffold the python environment From some parent directory run: ```bash python -m venv venv so venv/bin/activate ``` Install django ```bash pip ...

Stripe API from Airtable Scripts

Airtable is a popular tool for building no-code applications. I’m finding that knowing just a little bit of JavaScript can really super charge these no-code solutions. [Airtable Scripting](https://www.airtable.com/developers/scripting) enables you to write a bit of custom JavaScript and wire that...

Handling Stripe Webhooks with Rails

This is mostly for my own reference later so I can quickly copy and paste snippets. First, I create a webhook controller: ```bash rails g controller Webhooks ``` Then, configure the routes to accept POST requests ```rb # config/routes.rb resources :webhooks, only: [:create] ``` Then, I make...

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    Developer Advocate
    2019 - Present
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    MyVR (acquired)
    Senior Software Engineer
    2015 - 2019
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    App Academy
    2012 - 2015
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