Web developer, YouTuber, and developer advocate.

Hi Friends! I’m CJ, a web developer and entrepreneur based in Bedford, NH. I teach web development fundamentals and help devs integrate Stripe.

On Learning

This time around Colin and CJ talk about learning styles and how to learn to learn. We highlight a documentation framework called "Diataxis," which provides a structured approach to content categorization, differentiating between tutorials, how-to guides, explanations, and references. The significance of recognizing and adapting to varied learning styles, such as visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. We share our personal experiences and emphasize the importance of diverse teaching methods and creating content even when the subject might have been covered elsewhere. Mentioned were unique projects like an offline Wikipedia on a tablet and a hacked Casio watch that serves as a two-factor authentication generator. The session ends with considerations on video creation and the challenges of live streaming.Resources:Hackers Inc Fitness Episode - https://hackersincorporated.com/episodes/losing-70-lbs-getting-in-shape-and-15-minute-workouts By Mody Tutor - https://www.mybodytutor.com/My Fitness Pal - https://www.myfitnesspal.com/Sendgrid - https://sendgrid.com/Resend - https://resend.com/Rails Conf Webhook Workshop - https://github.com/colinloretz/railsconf-webhooksdiataxis - https://diataxis.fr/Cloudflare Docs - https://developers.cloudflare.com/Crunchy Data Postgres Sandbox - https://www.crunchydata.com/blog/learn-postgres-at-the-playgroundPragmatic Thinking and Learning - https://www.amazon.com/Pragmatic-Thinking-Learning-Refactor-Programmers/dp/1934356050The Dreyfus Model - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dreyfus_model_of_skill_acquisition

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    Developer Advocate
    2019 - Present
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    MyVR (acquired)
    Senior Software Engineer
    2015 - 2019
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    App Academy
    2012 - 2015
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