Software I use, gear I love, and other things I recommend.

I get asked a lot about the things I use by folks who watch my videos. Here’s a big list of all of my favorite stuff.


  • 14” MacBook Pro, M1 Pro, 32GB RAM (2021)

    I was using an Intel-based 16” MacBook Pro prior to this and the difference is night and day. The M1 series is great!

  • LG 4K UHD 27UD88-W 27" LED-Lit Monitor with USB Type-C

    I'm not a huge connoisseur of monitors, but this one is great. It powers the laptop and has several USB-A ports for audio gear and my keyboard.

  • CODE Keyboard from WASD Keyboards (Cherry MX Clear)

    I like the 87-Key without the number pad because I feel like my hands stay centered a little better.

  • Apple Magic Mouse

    So good, I have two of them.

  • UPLIFT Standing desk

    I only stand about 10% of the time, but it's worth it for the days I do.

Development tools

  • Neovim

    I’ve been using vi and vim since 2005. In 2022 I switched to Neovim so that I could use GitHub copilot. Checkout my dotfiles to see how my setup is configured.

  • Warp is my terminal of choice. It’s fast, it’s got great autocompletion, and it feels clean.

Video and Podcasting

  • Sony a6400 Mirrorless DSLR Camera

    I use this camera for all of my video work. It's a great camera for the price. I don't actually capture in 4K because the camera seems to overheat if I leave it on for more than an hour with the 4K setting on.

  • Shure SM7B Dynamic Microphone

    I use this microphone for all of my audio work. It's a little pricey, but it's worth it.

  • Cloudlifter CL-1 Mic Activator

    I use this to boost the signal from my microphone. Without it you might get some peaking in the audio.

  • Focusrite Scarlett Solo 3rd Gen USB Audio Interface

    I use this to connect my microphone to my computer via USB.


    I host podcasts on It's a great service and I highly recommend it.

  • Screenflow

    I use Screenflow to edit my videos. It's a simple tool and can do most editing for my use-case.

  • Descript

    When I need to edit audio, I use Descript. It's a great tool for editing audio. I've also started using Descript for editing video -- specifically adding fancy captions and cropping for social.


  • Figma

    I use Figma for all of my design work. I love the simplicity of the interface and the ability to collaborate with others.

  • Tailwind UI

    I use Tailwind UI most of the time instead of building my own components. It's totally worth the investment.


  • Raycast

    I'm still new to Raycast, but so far I like it and it's a good free alternative to Alfred.