Jumping Around - Keyboard Katana

In this video, we learn how to quickly navigate and edit text using keyboard shortcuts. You'll see how holding the Option key allows you to jump from word to word, making edits much faster than tapping the arrow keys.

To delete a whole word, press Option+Backspace.
To jump to the beginning or end of a line, use Control+A or Control+E.
You can also jump between the start and end of a row using Command+Left and Command+Right.

These shortcuts for navigating and editing text - like Ctrl+A, Ctrl+E, Option+Left, Option+Right, Command+Left, and Command+Right - are really helpful to learn to speed up your workflow when working with text. Master these time-saving keyboard tricks to move around and update text more efficiently.

Keyboard Katana is a series of short videos showing tips and tricks for navigating quickly with your keyboard.

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