Stripe Webhooks

Join us for our Developer Office Hours and get your questions about leveraging the awesome power of webhooks answered. CJ and Adrienne will walk you through how to setup an endpoint to accept webhook events reliably in Ruby. We'll cover some common tripping points, best practices, and using the CLI to test your endpoints.

### Table of Contents

02:20 What is a Webhook?
06:20 Demo of what we'll build
07:00 Scaffold new Rails App
09:00 Add simple Checkout UI
13:10 Setup Webhook Route
15:25 Skip CSRF Check
16:00 Implement Webhook Controller Action
20:00 Save and process events later
26:07 Verify webhook signatures
34:07 Refactor webhook handling into service objects
39:14 Process events in background job
46:03 Using ngrok
53:22 Q&A

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