Devise authentication styled with Tailwind UI - Creator - Part 3

In this video, we'll install the devise gem for authentication in our Ruby on Rails application. We'll talk about a common gotcha with navigational formats to avoid the error where the user_url method is undefined in the Devise::Registrations controller. We'll also talk about how to switch sign out to use a get method and briefly why that might be a bad idea (but we do it anyways).

00:00 Introduction
00:20 Install the devise gem
01:24 Create a User model
03:01 Routes created by devise
03:30 Use Tailwind UI sign up template
08:06 Fix undefined method `user_url` for Devise::RegistrationsController
09:38 Add sign out via get request
10:28 Style remaining forms
18:28 Conclusion

#rubyonrails #ruby #rails