Create Stripe Financial Accounts to store money - - Part 9

In this episode, we'll handle webhook events related to our connected account onboarding flow to create a new Financial Account (store of funds). Then, we'll show how to access the ACH account and routing number for the Financial Account. Finally, we'll use our new Financial Account's account and routing number to create an External Account so that creators can receive payouts from our Stripe Payments balance.

00:00 Introduction
00:34 Handle the treasury capability enabled webhook event
04:57 Create a new Financial Account with the Stripe API
08:00 Test webhook event processing
12:41 Handle the financial account features status update webhook event
16:28 How to retrieve the ABA ACH account number for a Stripe Financial Account
19:33 Create an External Account using the ACH details from the Financial Account
22:15 Conclusion

Financial Account API Reference:
Treasury Docs:
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