Connect onboarding requirements

Join us for Stripe Developer Office Hours and ask your questions regarding the upcoming changes to Connect Onboarding Requirements. Our engineers will walk you through the basics of migrating an account with legacy_payments capability to the new card_payments and transfers capabilities.

## Resources
Official Guide -
.env -
Stripe CLI -

## Presenter
CJ Avilla, Developer Advocate @ Stripe -

## Table of contents

00:05 Introduction
04:23 Stripe CLI installation and linking
05:00 Create legacy test connected account
07:07 Request card_payments and transfer capabilities
09:20 Review requirements hash
10:00 Update account with business type, profile, and URL
11:00 Update account with address, name, and tax ID
13:55 Add a person to the account
15:50 Review person requirements
16:04 Update person details
18:00 Review account requirements
19:25 Remove legacy_payments capability

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