Accept a payment with the Payment Element using .NET

In this episode, you'll learn how to accept a one-time payment with a custom form using .NET on the server and the Stripe Payment Element on the client. The Payment Element enables you to collect several different payment method types from cards and bank accounts to wallets and buy-now-pay-later payment methods.

### Presenter
CJ Avilla - Developer Advocate at Stripe -

### Table of contents
00:00 Introduction
01:40 Install a sample with the Stripe for VSCode extension and CLI
05:08 Enable payment methods in the dashboard
06:10 Overview of payment flow
06:38 Create payment intent on the server
09:56 Collect payment details on the client
15:00 Submit payment details to Stripe
17:33 Build a confirmation page
20:50 Handle webhooks and post-processing events
25:14 Test your integration with Stripe test cards
26:31 Conclusion

### Resources
Accept a payment -
PaymentIntent API reference -
Learn all about webhooks -

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