Screencasts about web development, API integrations, and simple games.

Some of my videos about programming, and more, collected in chronological order.

SaaS Fundamentals 05 - Build a SaaS pricing page

Dashboard view with Tailwind UI - - Part 7

Handle webhooks and process async with Rails - - Part 6

Postgres enums in Ruby on Rails - - Part 5

Factorial with Ruby

Landing page for Ruby on Rails with Tailwind UI - - Part 4

Devise authentication styled with Tailwind UI - Creator - Part 3

New Ruby on Rails application and Static pages - - Part 2

Introduction to the tutorial - What we'll build - Part 1

SaaS Fundamentals 04 - SaaS Customer onboarding

SaaS Fundamentals 03 - Price testing with Lookup Keys

Ruby BEGIN and END blocks

SaaS Fundamentals 02 - Modeling your SaaS business with Products and Prices

SaaS Fundamentals 01 - A primer for collecting recurring payments with Stripe

What does a ruby program look like?

Ruby script using inkscape to convert several svg to png

Ruby loops - while, until, loop, for

Dev Chats - Extending Rails with Engines

Dev Chats - Extending Rails with Engines

Timelapse of drawing explainer